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WH-at (605)

Wh-at Mrs. Bolshevik ordered the eight second graders of Holler, South Dakota, to write “goat” in cursive. And Mary, a girl who never felt brave, suddenly did. Instead of connecting the “o” and “a” with a straight bar, as demonstrated, she was about to connect the “o” and “a” with a curving loop. She had […]

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The Best Dancers Are Home Grown (Burnett County Sentinel)

Two years in a row, the St. Croix Native American dance team took first place at Eskimo-Indian Olympics. FAIRBANKS, AK–This year can be considered reassurance for the “group from Wisconsin.” That’s what people called the St. Croix Chippewa dance team at the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics in Fairbanks July 18 through July 21. The team won […]

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What Ojibwe Kids Have (Burnett County Sentinel)

HERTEL–Momma Wolf has traveled throughout the U.S. spreading the word about Native American gangs. She knows that gangs are becoming more mobile as members leave reservations, move to cities and then bring the gang back to the reservations. When those gangs become forceful, drug use rises, suicide rates rise, and violence cannot be controlled. Momma […]

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What Would Laura Do?

My sister-in-law poked fun at my most recent t-shirt idea, “What Would Laura Do?” (As in Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House fame.) “Um … Jodi, I’m pretty sure girls these days have moved on to some other things.” But dust off your old LHOTPs and take your girl on your favorite childhood wagon ride for these […]