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Dolly Parton postBecause an issue of BUST never gets outdated … For two reasons, you need to read the June/July Dolly Parton cover story:

1. BUST (at least editor Debbie Stoller) openly wrestles with the Parton choice. For obvious reasons. Writer Lisa Butterworth (and, I would argue, Parton fan) allows naysayers some fodder early on, “How many feminist icons have self-rendered their bodies to resemble a Barbie doll?”

Debating whether Parton should front BUST, Stoller shares in her editor’s letter that insightful mag staffers “opened up the entire question of what makes someone a feminist icon in the first place. Does she only have to ‘do what she wants to do’?”

Honesty like BUST’s fosters the discussion of our expectations of “woman.”

2. Absorb the content of the interview itself. Parton can’t quite come out with the term “feminist,” but she comes out with her gazongas, her wigs, her awesome songs, her gorgeously textured children’s books, her hard-to-believe theme park, her you-name-it, she’s-probably-tried-its.

Has she had time to carry a feminist torch? Or maybe she paid it forward so fast in the relay race that we barely had a chance to catch the pass.

There are those who would argue that her tireless augmentation kicked her out of the “she” club long ago.

I don’t know; doesn’t a gal need to find the brand of feminist icon that best speaks to her?

In Dolly’s case, if you can’t idolize a woman inventing a new bra size, maybe in your book just call her a fool.

But does that mean she’s not a feminist, too?

What do you think? As a woman, does Dolly roar?

One Comment

  • Ali says:

    She roars alright – she is not afraid to be exactly who she wants to be. She loves all things girly and she takes pride in the way she sparkles!

    I don’t think anyone could repute the fact that if Dolly wants something, she will go after it with tenacity, glitter and that famous southern drawl.

    She has been a voice for many who don’t have one, has worked hard to get where she is in life and has always paid it forward with a smile on her face.

    She has inspired many to do the same, and her kindness and humility have touched thousands, if not millions of people around the world.

    She needs big boobs you see – to house her massive heart!!