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A Runner’s Best Friend (Running Times)

When I started running five years ago, I would arrange my schedule around my sister’s so that we could run together. She had been running much longer, and, frankly, I depended on her motivating companionship—even if it meant waking early on a Saturday, or waiting for her to get home from work. It only took […]

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True Blue Berries (Minnesota Monthly)

In Burnett County, Wisconsin, divulging the location of a wild blueberry patch ranks right up with mapping the directions to someone’s fishing hole: it’s a no-no. For the sake of good-hearted amateur pickers, we’re willing to break a few rules. Armed with directions to some secret spots, you can make a fruitful trip across the […]

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WH-at (605)

Wh-at Mrs. Bolshevik ordered the eight second graders of Holler, South Dakota, to write “goat” in cursive. And Mary, a girl who never felt brave, suddenly did. Instead of connecting the “o” and “a” with a straight bar, as demonstrated, she was about to connect the “o” and “a” with a curving loop. She had […]

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Campfire Cooking and Tin Plates (GRIT)

We shuffle around the fire, trying to escape the stream of black that undulates out of the pit. I dip the stainless steel cup into the pot of snow my husband has melted and lift it to my lips. I smell the smokiness a split second before I taste it; it has worked its way […]

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Sale for Movers and World-Record Walker (Burnett County Sentinel)

(Newspaper feature) County woman’s daughter hopes to be first woman to walk around the world. The mom’s moving sale will raise money for her daughter’s cause–breast cancer research. NEAR VOYAGER VILLAGE–Rosemary Rawson’s daughter has been moving around the world for the past 22 months. It’s fitting, then, that the moving sale Rosemary and her husband, […]