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Jodi McLain is a freelance journalist, author, writing teacher, and fiction writer based near Minneapolis.

Her award-winning in-depth news, commentary, and informational pieces have appeared in national and regional outlets including Minnesota Public Radio, Running Times, and daily and weekly newspapers.

Her award-winning feature writing credits include Grit, Minnesota Monthly, and daily and weekly newspapers. Additionally, her creative work can be found in multiple outlets in both print and online–more recently 605 magazine.

Twice Jodi has won First Prize in state-level annual journalism awards for her literary news and features coverage.

For her teaching of writing in both public schools and outside workshops, Jodi has been nationally recognized (Scholastic Writing Awards). She has also been the proud teacher of several teen writers who have journeyed to New York City to receive their own prestigious Scholastic Writing Awards and many others who have taken home regional Scholastic awards.

She lives on an acreage of fields and forest with her husband, daughter, and a unique assortment of both domesticated and wild creatures.


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