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  • A Fresh Dose of Dolly

    Because an issue of BUST never gets outdated … For two reasons, you need to read the June/July Dolly Parton cover story: 1. BUST (at least editor Debbie Stoller) openly wrestles with the Parton choice. For obvious reasons. Writer Lisa Butterworth (and, I would argue, Parton fan) allows naysayers some fodder early on, “How many feminist icons […]
  • What Would Laura Do?

    My sister-in-law poked fun at my most recent t-shirt idea, “What Would Laura Do?” (As in Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House fame.) “Um…Jodi, I’m pretty sure girls these days have moved on to some other things.” But dust off your old LHOTPs and take your girl on your favorite childhood wagon ride for these reasons: 1. […]
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